Adel Rahimi   

Strategic Business Partner & Investor

Adel Rahimi
Adel has Diploma in Civil Engineering and BS in Management from California State University, Long Beach. Adel has experience in human resources, administration, sales, marketing, financial services, Industrial project development and management, working with regional and internationally acclaimed firms such as Bahrain Petroleum Company BSC c (Bapco), Irish Development Authority (IDA) and subsidiary of American Insurance Group (AIG). Adel in addition to his large corporate experience has entrepreneurial experience in development and management of small business enterprises.

In June 2006, Adel was appointed as CEO of Venture Projects W.L.L. to develop the investment business in shares and securities. In July 2007 Adel Co-Founded and is managing two real estate companies: Pomelo Real Estate W.L.L. and Monterey Park W.L.L. Adel also Co-Founded and is developing and managing the Investrial W.L.L., an Industrial Investment company, and it's subsidiaries.


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